Benefactor of Foto Colectania

Benefactor of Foto Colectania

In Foto Colectania we have made a clear commitment to disseminate photography and its collecting through an extensive program of exhibitions and activities. After 17 years of activity, we have become a center of reference photography.

Collaborating with the Foto Colectania Foundation is an act of philanthropy, but also an opportunity to meet, enjoy and relate to a wide circle of people committed to culture, art and photography.

Photography Partners 2020

This 2020 we have had the privilege of being able to present our benefactors with a photograph of Miguel Trillo from the time of La Movida.

Thank you Miguel for your generosity and support for the project!

© Txema Salvans. Oropesa del Mar (Marina d’Or), de la serie Perfect Day, 2005-2020
© Txema Salvans. Oropesa del Mar (Marina d’Or), de la serie Perfect Day, 2005-2020

Size: 30 x 40cm. Copy signed by the author.
Presentation: Sirio 480gr folder. Made by Lauren Press.

Members Program

Personal card valid for 2 people that will allow you free admission to all our exhibitions.
Priority information of our programming.
Exclusive activities: guided visits to our exhibitions with photographers, collectors and curators; private visits to other exhibitions in the city, studies of photographers, collectors.
Reservation of space in the activities carried out in Foto Colectania and in friendly institutions.
Advice on the conservation of photographic works.
Nominal mention at the entrance of the Foundation, on the website and in the catalogs.
• Gift of the catalogs published by the Foundation.
• 10% discount in the trips organized by the Foundation, specialized in art and photography.
Annual gift of 1 original photograph of a photographer from the collection. Limited edition exclusively for our partners.
Previous editions: Joan Colom, Alberto García-Alix, Chema Madoz, Cristina García Rodero, Ferran Freixa, Xavier Miserachs, Humberto Rivas, Ramón Masats, Carlos Pérez Siquie, Manolo Laguillo, Toni Catany, Joan Fontcuberta, Xavier Ribas, Cristina De Middel and Juan Manuel Castro Prieto.

Tax advantages: According to patronage law 49/2002, a tax deduction of 80% may be applied on the first 150 € and 20% on the rest of the donation.

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