DONE is a project of creation and thinking that aims to approach the image’s new ecosystem, in the times after digital technology and Internet. This second edition is presented as a laboratory for reflection, research and visual creation around five key issues: thinking, visibility, body, information and aesthetics.

The activities, which can be both online and in person, are divided into the sections: Think, a series of lectures by renowned speakers, and Act, four experimental laboratories led by specialized visual artists. The program is completed with a third part, named Grab, an initiative of audio-visual creation, through which a group of artists will generate unpublished audio-visual works related to the project’s contents.

The program begins on Thursday November 24th with the conference “What is Photography in the 21st century” by Daniel Rubinstein. Afterwards, on Saturday 26th, Daniel Mayrit will lead the laboratory “Occupying Internet”. To end the cycle dedicated to thinking, the audio-visual work by María de la O Garrido will be released on Wednesday 30th.


November. Thought

Conference - Philosophy of the digital image
Daniel Rubinstein
Thursday 24, 19h
Location: Foto Colectania

Session Lab 1 - Daniel Mayrit
Saturday 26

Grab - Maria de la O Garrido
Week of the 28

December. Visibility

Conference - New materiality of the image
Joana Moll & Tanit Plana
Monday 12,19h
Location: Foto Colectania

Session Lab 2 -
Mario Santamaría
Saturday 17

Laura Tabarés
Week of the 19

January. Body

Conference - Body, eyes, images and capital
Remedios Zafra
Wednesday, January 18, 6.30pm
Place: CCCB

Session Lab 3 - Ona Bros
Saturdays 21 and 28 of January
Place: CCCB

Sandra Torras

February. Information

Conference - Social photography in red
Visual Social Media Lab
Friday February 17th
Place: CCCB

Session Lab 4
Visual Media Lab
Saturday February 18th
Place: CCCB

Florence Aliberti

March. Aesthetics
April 6h from 6pm-9pm
Online and Live Interview - Forms and aesthetics of the digital image, Charlotte Cotton
Conference closure - Mishka Henner
Grab - Guillem Ayora
Place: Foto Colectania, Passeig Picasso, 14.

DONE is a project promoted by the Foto Colectania Foundation with the collaboration of the Fundació Banc Sabadell and with the support of the Dirección General de Política e Industrias Culturales y del Libro del Ministerio de Cultura.