Publish or Perish! New App Web
Publish or Perish!

Publish or Perish! New App Web

"Publish or Perish" is a research and creation project developed by Silvio Lorusso in collaboration with Stef Kors and the PublishingLab of Amsterdam.

P/P takes the phrase from the academic environment "publish or perish" to propose a web application that in an intuitive and simplified but challenging and fun way, allows to combine and print texts and images in a small publication. For its presentation we have prepared a Printing Party in which we will put an end to #CtrlP and the question "What image deserves to be printed" that we have launched online to the public during the last months through Facebook.

Publish or Perish: Printing Party!!

We invite you to bring to Foto Colectania the next Tuesday, April 10, the images that you think deserve to be printed *. In addition to knowing and using P/P at first hand, you can print your publications while listening to specially selected music and enjoying beer, courtesy of the Damm Foundation.

  • 1MB of maximum weight for the images, you can also bring texts that complement the images in ".txt" format on a pen drive, USB hard drive or your laptop.

DONE is a project of creation and thinking that aims to approach the image’s new ecosystem in the post digital technology and Internet era. In this third edition, the program revolves around the annual research topic of Foto Colectania «Photography: In Print | Online» that wants to reflect the coexistence of the media of the image: the printed media and the online space. More information:

This project has the collaboration of the Banco Sabadell Foundation and with the help of the General Directorate of Cultural Policies and Industries and The book of Ministry of Culture.