CORRESPONDENCE 2021 | Based on Spanish Photography

6th Edition


Coinciding with the exhibition ‘Based on True Stories. Foto Colectania Collection‘, the 2021 edition begins with a Correspondence between Rosa Olivares and Sema D’Acosta with the title Based on Spanish Photography.

© Gonzalo Juanes. Serrano, 1965
© Gonzalo Juanes. Serrano, 1965

“It’s odd: when you meet artists, photographers or critics, the conversation rarely turns to art, photography or criticism. It’s as if we’re hesitant to dip our toes into the swamp we wade through every day, sometimes for far too long. And now we have to talk about Spanish photography, about its incomprehensible present, full of shadows, and obviously about a future that won’t be as we’d like, as our past and present are weak and full of shortcomings and hang-ups”

Rosa Olivares for the new Correspondence, Based on Spanish Photography.

Read C O R R E S P O N D E N C E from January 7, here

The dates of the 2021 Edition are:
Correspondences, biweekly publication of 4 letters between Rosa Olivares and Sema D’Acosta: January 7 and 21, February 4 and 18.
Face to Face: Final conversation via Zoom, February 25.

This program has the main collaboration of the Banco Sabadell Foundation: