Two Photography Centers with an international vision.
© Massimo Vitali. Rosignano Girls, 1945. Jan Mulder Collection

Two Photography Centers with an international vision.

Conversation between Jan Mulder and Mario Rotllant, moderated by Ramón Reverté.

Exclusive ONLINE activity for Members and Friends of the Centro de la Imagen y Foto Colectania.

Jan Mulder and Mario Rotllant begin their approach to the world of photography as collectors. They will soon become promoters of two reference Photography Centers, the Centro de la Imagen in Lima and Fundación Foto Colectania in Barcelona, ​​two centers focused on their local areas, but with a very international vision.

Centro de la Imagen
School dedicated to teaching photography, founded by Jan Mulder in 1999.
With a clear aim: that graduates are able to challenge the established ways of seeing and taking photography. Based on the previous experience of seven years at the Gaudí Institute, a pioneer school in the teaching of photography in Peru, the Center proposes to generate different spaces for the dissemination and discussion of the image.

Today, it not only has academic proposals, such as the Latin American master's degree in contemporary photography: maldefoco, the 3-year professional career, the 4-year bachelor, the 1-year short career, diplomas and workshops. It also offers cultural projects, such as the El Ojo Ajeno Gallery, the Lima Photography Biennial and the Lima Photo international photography gallery fair.

Jan Mulder
Founder of the Centro de la Imagen, a school dedicated to teaching photography in Lima, Peru. Great collector of contemporary and vintage photography. President of the Photo and Image Association, a non-profit association dedicated to the promotion of photographic art. Promoter of the gallery El Ojo Ajeno and president of the Lima Photo International Photography Gallery Fair.

Mario Rotllant
Entrepreneur. Founder and President of the Foto Colectania Foundation. Promoter of the foundation's collection, specialized in Spanish and Portuguese photography.

Ramón Reverté
Creative Director of Editorial RM, one of the most prestigious publishing houses specialized in art and photography in Spain and Latin America.

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