Presentation of the audiovisual project
© María Cañas

Presentation of the audiovisual project "In the future ... Predictions per a present extrem" by María Cañas

From November 8 to 14

As part of the Panoramic festival 2021 agenda, we are hosting the audiovisual projection of María Cañas in our multimedia room from November 10 to 14. We will also have the participation of Felix Pérez-Hita, who will carry out a live conversation together with María Cañas (remotely) in a face-to-face activity open to the public, on Monday November 8 at 6.30 p.m.


On Monday, November 8 at 6:30pm, Félix Pérez-Hita (in person) together with María Cañas (remotely) will moderate an experimental, inspiring and activating course on the video guerrilla, experimental cinema, appropriationism, fake, the magic of chaos and video postgeneric remix. It will be a time to learn more about appropriationist audiovisual creation processes and to deal with infinite issues related to the new Internet narratives. Free access, until seating is completed.


"The future has passed, keep it in mind. The future is the present, there is no future. We are at the beginning of the end, but it will continue to dawn, which is not insignificant."

Video creation about uncertainty, chance and predictions that surround us or can be imagined, using material from the internet.

María Cañas, author of the project, defines herself as "The Archivera of Seville, The Terrorist Virgin of the Archive, arsonist of minds and cultural agitator. 'María Coñas' to activate them." In her works, she practices "risastencia": the humor of all colors, the game and the video guerrilla of the connected crowds, as a strategy of insurgency or, if not, at least, of resistance and / or popular survival: A committed activism with the organic archive and audiovisual detritus as tools for cultural development, and with the need to educate in the agitation and recycling of our imaginary, in order to transform ourselves into freer, critical and creative beings.

Screening of "En el futuro... Predicciones para un presente extremo" in the audiovisual room of Foto Colectania from November 10 to 14, 2021