Foto Colectania turns 20
Foto Colectania © Mahala Nuuk

Foto Colectania turns 20

Special activities throughout 2022

Two decades cultivating photography and visual thought.

On January 31, 2002 we opened the doors of Foto Colectania at the headquarters of Julián Romea with the illusion of offering a program that would value photography in its many facets. During these years we have seen the central role that this medium has not only in art and culture but also in the construction of ideas. It has been very enriching to share so many experiences and to have so many complicities.

Looking to the future, we imagine a Foto Colectania that continues to connect with the issues that concern society, through exhibitions, creative programs, debate and education. We want to continue to be the architects of innovative projects on a medium as versatile and innovative as photography, introducing it to new audiences, promoting national and international collaborations, as well as generating new agreements with companies, institutions and other entities.

Foto Colectania has been built by all of us. Today we could not define our foundation without including all the people and entities that have contributed to our consolidation as a photography center. Our commitment and main motivation is based on our community, and therefore we want to celebrate our 20th anniversary by adding to our usual programming a series of activities of proximity, which will take place throughout the year, and in which our team will be the host:

  • Open doors of the Foundation: On January 31 from 4pm to 8pm we start the celebration of our 20th anniversary by opening the doors of the Foundation. It will be an opportunity to visit the current exhibition Face Control and at the time, to share with the Foto Colectania team in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

  • The photographers will continue to be the protagonists: this year we will organize several meetings and workshops with the photographers of the collection with the aim of establishing new dialogues.

  • We will open the doors of the vault where we house the collection: we want to show you up close some of the most special photographs in our collection, tell you how we preserve them and all the projects we are developing to promote the authors and keep our collection alive.

  • Cycles of books and photography: the photobook joins the celebration of this anniversary, with a cycle of activities that will focus on our library and our bookstore.

  • Helena Almeida and Chema Madoz exhibition: it will be one of the three exhibitions of 2022 and has a special value for us. The analogy between these two photographers of the collection will put the focus on their creative processes.