Meeting with Paolo Cirio
©  Paolo Cirio, Capture, 2020

Meeting with Paolo Cirio

Wednesday February 9 at 19 h, at Foto Colectania

On the occasion of the exhibition "Face Control", we invite you to a meeting with the artist and activist Paolo Cirio, from whom we present the series "Capture". For this work, the artist collected more than 1000 portraits of the police taken during the protests in France and processed them with facial recognition software to talk about the possible correct or improper uses of facial recognition and artificial intelligence, thus questioning the asymmetry of power.

During the activity, Cirio will also present some of his best known works, which embody the contradictions and limits of the complex information society, through a provocative, critical and proactive approach.

Who is Paolo Cirio?
Paolo Cirio engages with legal, economic, and cultural systems of the information society. His work investigates social fields impacted by the Internet, such as privacy, copyright, democracy, and finance. He shows his research and intervention-based works through prints, installations, videos, and public art.

Cirio's art considers how society is affected by the control over information. It embodies the conflicts, contradictions, ethics, limits, and potentials inherent to the social complexity of information society through a critical and proactive approach.

His techniques of exposure, appropriation, and recontextualization of sensitive information stimulate ways of seeing, understanding, and challenging contemporary complex issues. Cirio uses popular language, irony, interventions, and seductive visuals to engage a wide public in works of art. His works often make contradictions apparent, expose mechanisms, and dispute their processes in order to debunk perceptions of social, technological, and cognitive systems.

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Practical information about the activity:

Activity: Meeting with Paolo Cirio
Where: Foto Colectania
Price: 5€.
Soci@s, Amig@s and students of Foto Colectania Friends Schools: free.
Limited seating, with previous reservation. Book your place here.
The payment of the tickets will be made at the ticket office of Foto Colectania the same day of the activity.