Other ways to collaborate

Occasional donations

The Foto Colectania Foundation is a project with a mission of public utility, created by and for society. Without public support it would not be possible for us to realize our mission to spread photography in the social, artistic and educational fields.

Through donations we are able to carry out public activities related to photography and the image both at our center and in other national and international institutions.

Since 2002, we have held more than 40 exhibitions in our center in Barcelona, 106 national and international traveling exhibitions and more than 500 conferences, as well as workshops for children and numerous publications.

Among our achievements, we have become a meeting point for very diverse people who share a common interest in photography. Our closeness and accessibility has allowed us to develop a very personal relationship with relevant authors in the panorama of Spanish photography. One such case is that of photographer Francisco Gómez, whose family entrusted us with managing his archive despite our collection chamber not existing yet. We also want to highlight our success in taking Joan Colom's work to countries such as France, Holland and Germany, and being the first to bring the Martin Z. Margulies collection to Spain.

Individuals will be able to deduct up to 75% for donations of up to 150€ and 30% for the remaining amounts. If in three or more fiscal years the same or higher amount is donated to the same entity, a 30% deduction will be applied.

Those who prefer giving continued support to Foto Colectania can benefit from all the advantages of the "Friends and Partners Program".

Donation or acquisition of works

The Foto Colectania collection counts with more than 4,000 works of 80 Spanish and Portuguese photographers, together with a collection of 24,000 negatives from the archive of photographer Francisco Gómez. It is one of the most consolidated collections in Spain.

Our collection is very dynamic. It has been present at the Tate Gallery in London, the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson in Paris, the Princeton University Art Museum in the United States and the FOAM Photography Museum in Amsterdam, among others.

But still, it is an incomplete collection. Therefore, you can support us through the donation of works of authors belonging to Spanish photography or through their acquisition.

If you are interested in supporting us in the growth of the collection, please contact the art department for advice.

Inheritance and legacies

A testator in their will, in addition to naming an heir — that is, designating the person or persons who will receive the generality of the goods and rights — may also leave specific goods or rights to a person, whether natural or juridical.

These goods can be an asset or a right and must be granted by means of a will and must be expressly indicated.

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