Marriages XXI: Hands
© Nicolás Muller, Weissenberg, 1952. Archivo Regional de la Comunidad de Madrid (Fondo Nicolás Muller)

Marriages XXI: Hands

The exhibition 'Hands' investigates the meaning of gestural language in the 21st edition of the 'Marriages' cycle

The exhibition 'Hands' shows the ability of almost twenty of photographers to portray the language of gestures through hands. Exposed in the Bodegas Roda, in La Rioja, the photographs reflect what the hands represent in different situations, from possession to vital becoming. In some of the snapshots, hands are the only protagonists, in others they accompany faces or become a subtle detail of the composition. In short, through this exhibition, hands make up a polyphony of fleeting gestures.

The photographs of Chema Madoz, the hand self-portraits of Alberto García-Alix, the forceful details of Nicolás Muller, the predilection of Gabriel Cualladó for the solitary hands or the alphabet of Joan Fontcuberta among many others, can be visited from July to December of 2018 at Bodegas Roda.

'Maridajes' is a series of exhibitions held since 2007 at BODEGAS RODA's exhibition hall, based on the photographs from Foto Colectania's Collection. Each exhibition establishes a link between different photographers under a central thematic axis.