Marriages XXII: Autobiographies
© Aleix Plademunt, Aeroplane, 2010

Marriages XXII: Autobiographies

The Marriages cycle reaches the 22nd edition with the exhibition 'Autobiographies', a selection of authors who use photography as a tool to narrate their experience.

This exhibition brings together a selection of authors for whom photography is an essential tool for narrating one's experience. Unlike documentary photography and the attempt to represent external reality, the photographers who are part of this exhibition offer us a much more intimate and poetic look, showing how photographs that start from the personal can be a means to unleash to the imagination of the observer.

In "Autobiographies" we find a selection of works by Vari Caramés that, with a seemingly fleeting language, refers us to environments that can be strangely close. From the renowned Portuguese photographer Jorge Molder, who has built his work around himself, we show images of his series "A small world", where the artist himself ends up being the protagonist of his photographs. In the case of Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, the exposed photographs refer to their immediate surroundings to show what the author considers "the deepest of ourselves".

The exhibition finally includes a set of works by a new generation of photographers, such as Catarina Botelho, who photographs intimate moments that arouse in the viewer suggestive stories, or Aleix Plademunt, who starts from his own physical existence to lead us through a journey that goes from the closest to the most distant, leading to the extreme notions of time and distance.

Maridajes is a cycle of exhibitions initiated in 2007 in the exhibition hall of BODEGAS RODA from the photographs of Foto Colectania's Collection.

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