Fundació Collserola's Project & Imagenred
Projecte Fundació Colleserola Foto: ©Gala Font de Mora

Fundació Collserola's Project & Imagenred

The Collserola Foundation and Foto Colectania have established a Collaboration Agreement, with the aim of bringing together different teams to carry out programs that take the thought around image and photography as an axis, enhancing their communicative capacity and the suitability to generate critical thinking.

The collaboration proposal wants to work with each one of the groups (families, teachers and students) that form the educational community of the Collserola Foundation, and focuses on three specific programs:

- The Families Program aims to allow families to enjoy in a very special way the exhibition's program carried out by Foto Colectania. The objective is to promote intergenerational relationships and strengthen ties between the different families that share a common educational project. These meetings have a playful and social component but also a very defined objective to promote and enhance critical thinking around image. The program includes guided tours by the Foto Colectania's team (3-4 visits throughout the year according to the program). Families who wish to freely visit the exhibitions will enjoy a digital family card that will give them free access to the various exhibitions.

- The Teaching Program aims to ensure that the teaching team of the Collserola's Foundation can, in a near and accessible environment, know first hand the internal operation of a reference center within the field of image, through its programs and exhibitions. Different meetings are proposed throughout the year with a very defined objective: to encourage critical thinking and the construction of different ways of looking at images. These meetings should favor the creation of synergies that can serve as platforms to continue developing jointly educational programs in the future. Foto Colectania's team offers guided visits according to the the Foundation's program. Theachers will have a digital card that will give them free access to all the exhibitions.

- The Students Program is designed for all the students of the Collserola Foundation. The program proposes educational activities that link image culture with creation fields. The program aims to deepen into image, technology and digital environments as closely related fields, to facilitate a better experience and understanding of art and photography in our society. Additionally, High School students have the opportunity to participate in the project "", a project conceived by Julián Barón and Foto Colectania, a space for visual action, that has an open online platform with the aim of stimulating critical thinking around the image. This program, despite being mainly online, can be applied to the classroom by means of the visual exercises and concrete actions proposed, which at the same time give continuity to the platform.


During the academic course 2017-2018, the project has been launched in the three schools of the Collserola Foundation: the Frederic Mistral-Tècnic Eulàlia School (Barcelona), the Avenç School (Sant Cugat) and the Ramon Fuster School ( Bellaterra). An intensive working plan has been developed with the first year of High School students at the Frederic Mistral-Tecnic Eulàlia, focused on carrying out the applications and accompaniment of the actions program.

Throughout the academic course, students have applied the visual actions proposed to the curricular contents of the Audiovisual Culture subject, and have developed several projects related to the project. The students have also counted with the follow-up and guidance via email and Skype by Julián Barón and the Foto Colectania team.

Additionally, with the aim of disseminating the project throughout the schools, different presentation sessions have been held, in which some specific actions have also been carried out inviting students to participate. The sessions have been addressed to students of Secondary and High School of the three schools, and have been developed in audiences hosting around 100 students per presentation, with their teachers.

At the same time, the project has also been announced to the teachers of the three schools in an exclusive session for teachers, in which the project has been exposed, and doubts and questions related to the different applications of the project have been answered. The session has been very enriching, as several possible applications of the project have emerged, even in subjects not related to Photography, such as Literature or Philosophy.